If the evil Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spent as much time weeping over the graves of the humans he has been responsible for killing as he did over the casket of his beloved terrorist general, he would not have any time left over for eating.

If humans would free themselves from wacko environmentalism, they would deliberatively change the “face” of forests so there would be less fuel for the inevitable fire to consume.

If the fountain of money that has been poured into college education through subsidized and easily available college loans in order to make college education more “affordable” came to an end, college costs would not keep inflating at many times the general inflation rate, fewer people would be wasting their time and money on a college education, and its costs would become more closely related to a college education’s actual benefit.

If people fully realized the long-term financial costs of carried credit card debt, they would end their use of credit card debt to finance immediate gratification and live the fuller, happier and ultimately wealthier life that results from financial freedom.

If every person would act personally to provide significant assistance to the needy around them, there would be no need for government to waste time and money in an attempt to accomplish the same worthy goals.

John Forry

Manor Township