Letters to the editor

Here are several things that I believe every free-thinking American citizen should ponder:

— Former President Donald Trump gave news briefings in which the media gave him hardball questions. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden, in my view, gets softball questions when he occasionally makes an appearance in front of the media.

— Most Democrats thought it was inhumane to build a wall at our southern border to protect Americans from drugs, sex trafficking and migrants crossing into America illegally. Meanwhile, a fence was built around the U.S. Capitol (which belongs to the people) to protect members of Congress from Americans.

— Democrats push for more gun regulations every time there is a mass shooting. Meanwhile, we had members of the National Guard outside the fence of the U.S. Capitol, plus other armed security, all paid for by taxpayer dollars.

— Some Democrats claim that it is a hardship for a voter to be required to show identification in order to vote in any election. Meanwhile, an ID card is required to receive most government benefits. Every person needs an ID card for one purpose or another.

Food for thought!

Debra Schelling

East Hempfield Township

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