Letters to the editor

With our country slowly opening after about 15 months of imposed restrictions, there appears to be an increase in various types of crime. There are shooting incidents, aggravated assaults and a general lack of social respect while in public.

Solving these various problems will take time, as there are increased concerns about serious mental health issues, assaults and simply misdirected anger.

There are no quick means to resolve any of these issues. But, in my view, dismissing violent behavior — such as riots in a few of our larger cities over the past year — is unacceptable. Yes, we also need better gun control and to confront the lack of mental health services, both of which will take time.

There is a need for better understanding of each other’s values. Then, I believe, we can establish the means to overcome many of our social shortcomings and maintain a safer and more enjoyable standard of living for all.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island

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