Letters to the editor

As we all know by now, Jan. 6, 2021, will go down in history — along with the Trump administration as being, in my view, the worst president and administration in our history. 

However, along with the disgraced President Donald Trump, I believe that we need to hold our very own U.S. Reps. Lloyd Smucker and Scott Perry complicit and accountable for this insurrection and murder.

I believe they are equally responsible, as are the other Republicans who fed into Trump’s lies and delusions. They both have blood on their hands and will be forever known as the self-serving enablers who helped lead us to that fateful day.

The people of Pennsylvania should be outraged that these two Pennsylvania representatives would want to disenfranchise millions of Pennsylvania voters, just to please Trump and indulge his base.

Now that these two disgraced members of Congress have blood on their hands, there are a couple of things they need to do. First, publicly denounce the entire Trump reign of terror. Second, publicly admit to their wrongful objections to our ballots. Third, they both need to resign their positions. Or maybe it’s time we had a recall election for their positions.

John J. Alcorn

Mount Joy

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