This is a story of human kindness that certainly brightened my spirit. My dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and, as any dog owner knows, it’s awful witnessing your companion’s health decline. Our morning walks were becoming slower and shorter by the day. 

On a weekend morning, while walking near Franklin & Marshall College, a young lady approached and asked if she could pet my dog. As he got up from resting, she noticed his limp, and I explained that he had bone cancer. I told her that I didn’t know how long I had with him and that I was preparing myself emotionally for life without him. She told me her family has had many dogs and knows how difficult it is.

Our conversation continued. We exchanged first names and I learned she was a student at the college. I told her that my dog has had an excellent life being able to go to work with me everyday and shared the name of my business. Our talk lasted about 10 minutes and she wished me the best as she crossed the street, waving and saying goodbye to my dog.

That night, his situation worsened. The next morning, I made the appointment to euthanize him. I returned to work the day after to find a delivery for me: a bouquet of flowers. They were from her. A stranger on the street reached out to me with a beautiful gift of compassion. I’d like to thank her and ask others to pay it forward.

Todd Kreider


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