Letters to the editor

Shame on most of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, including U.S. Reps. Lloyd Smucker and Scott Perry. You proudly signed on to reject our certified electoral count in a pointless bit of political pandering. You did not forcefully condemn President Donald Trump and his advisers for urging extremists to wage “trial by combat” or for spreading disinformation about a “stolen election.” You did not condemn Trump’s shocking call to Georgia officials demanding they illegally “find” votes.

You must work to remove Trump immediately for abuse of office, and condemn sedition in the strongest language. He must be convicted so he can never hold office again. Until you do, your statements of being “horrified” by the violence ring hollow; your pledges to uphold our Constitution are lies.

Trump called Wednesday’s rioters “very special,” and told them, “We love you,” even as mobs stormed the U.S. Capitol and some rioters wielded Confederate flags. Last year, he called for a harsh military response to demonstrations by lawful Black Lives Matter protesters. Every policymaker who doesn’t name and condemn this as racist authoritarianism is complicit.

As heartbroken and furious as I am over this disgraceful failure to protect the halls of Congress, I am even more fed up with the fumbled federal policy response to COVID-19 and the drug overdose epidemic. Millions are dying preventable deaths; they are disproportionately our Black, Native American and Latino neighbors, our elderly, our most marginalized citizens. All our elected representatives who enabled these stunning federal governance failures share responsibility. Hold Trump accountable or resign from office.

Gail Groves Scott


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