A Jan. 2 letter (“Observations and questions”) was so full of fake news that I had to respond. It insinuated that there are citizens who want no voter ID laws. Really? Certainly no political organization is opposed to identifying voters. There is disagreement about what form of identification can be accepted. In one state, a gun license is acceptable and a college ID is not. The message? We want gun owners to vote and young people not to vote.

“No border walls” doesn’t mean no border security. Technology has advanced from the days when the Great Wall of China was built. Most of the so-called “illegal immigrants” in the United States today are people who entered legally and overstayed their visas.

I’d be interested in the evidence that noncitizens are voting, but I suspect there isn’t any. This is just fearmongering.

Many of the people detained at our southern border are there legally to ask for refugee status. They aren’t criminals, and the children should not be separated from their parents.

There’s certainly a difference between Michael Moore, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and the present occupant of the White House, who passed a tax bill that benefited himself and others like him who don’t need more money. The trio mentioned above are willing to raise taxes on people like themselves for the common good.

Louise Barnett

East Hempfield Township