Letters to the editor

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the U.S. Senate was a chamber full of great intellects engaged in meaningful debate. The oft-used description of “the world’s greatest deliberative body” may not have been an exaggeration. In the modern Senate, however, such a description seems laughable.

Pennsylvania voters have the opportunity to set the Senate back onto a dignified path. I believe that Mehmet Oz is a candidate of great intellect, depth and compassion. He has accomplished much in his life: as a University of Pennsylvania-trained cardiac transplant surgeon at one of the nation’s leading hospitals; as the inventor of lifesaving heart valve devices; as an entrepreneur educated in the commonwealth at the Wharton School; and as a husband of 36 years and father to four accomplished children.

Oz is now in a unique position to bring to the Senate a lifetime of distinguished experience, a commitment to conservative ideals that represent Lancaster County and the will to reduce acrimony in politics.

Some of Oz’s opponents are using vast sums of out-of-state contributions to paint him in absurd colors that promote paranoia and disinformation among voters. Voters should look past this divisive rhetoric, the likes of which have caused the state of decay in which we find modern political discourse.

I hope voters will look for the candidate with vision, determination and capability — and look past candidates seeking their own promotion through dishonest maligning of their opponents.

Max Tribble

Lancaster Township

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