I’ve been very reflective over the past several months. Much has changed. I’m constantly thinking of the future — not mine but my grandchildren (and your grandchildren) and their children. I’ve never felt such anger against a person, nor such concern for our country. 

I remember stories my Nana told of her getting out of Russia. Stories of her hiding in large empty wooden drums during the pogroms. Soldiers would raid villages, take what they wanted and abuse young girls. She escaped to America for a new life. Now we need to support Black Lives Matter and keep our freedoms.

What are our children to have? What type of future is ahead? I am always focused on how our freedoms are in jeopardy. This has been a very difficult four years, as a game show host with strong sociopathic behavior became our president. I understood why some were drawn to him; it was like the early 1800s, when barkers would sell their potions to the people. The man in the White House was smooth and knew how to appeal to those radicals looking for a “whiter” America or to the very wealthy who received many perks from this man. They don’t care that his manner is crude or that he has friends like Jeffrey Epstein. They don’t care that he embarrasses people with no regret or that he lies continuously.

Now it is past time for all to look and see that this potion salesman must be voted out to save our future.

Anita Ruff

East Hempfield Township

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