Sometimes people drop all inhibitions and seize upon occasions to be crazy sinful. Without compunction.

Whether it’s police officers killing a man in custody or violent crowds burning, looting and destroying everything in sight, it’s all sinful.

Whether it's racism or inflammatory language in leadership, it’s all sinful.

Like Jesus weeping over Jerusalem’s corruption, our society’s latest brand of sinfulness breaks my heart. Because of the pain and harm inflicted. Because of justice ignored and neglected. Because of oppression that does not cease for those who can’t breathe, physically or systemically. Because of those who live in fear when going out for a jog.

Who are we? What has our society become?

I call us to return to the truth — we’re made according to God’s image. God requires us to practice justice, love, kindness and mercy. And to walk humbly with God. To give each other grace. To be clothed with a new self-awareness that mirrors God’s presence in our lives.

Thankfully, I see this happening. Like when an on-duty police officer knelt in solidarity with peaceful protesters. Like when another officer hugged a demonstrator. Like when we get out and vote.

So, stop the brutality. Stop the violence. Stop the hatred. Stop the looting. Make a difference in healthy, constructive — not destructive — ways.

The pain of the injustice is real, and we stand with those dealing with unfair oppression. To stand means to hark back to qualities making us resemble God’s image.

Rev. Galen E. Russell III