I am compelled to offer the writer of the July 26 letter “Time for teachers to do their jobs” just a tad bit of feedback.

First, teachers wish to be back in the classroom. Our rooms are the spaces where we can connect most efficiently and effectively with our students. This is where we can, in real time, assess our students’ understanding and create learning opportunities best suited for them. It is our job, it is our passion and for many it is our life. So, in part, I’d encourage the letter writer to rethink her rather acerbic statement on teachers.

It is shocking to hear such a dismissive tone coming from an educational health care worker. Even more so when we look at the 150,000-plus death toll (and rising) in our country alone, and in light of how little our medical experts truly know with certainty about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19.

Many of the essential employee locations referenced in the letter have retrofitted their locations and instituted major operational protocols to reduce the probability of viral transmission. Schools are looking at what can be done to ensure optimal safety for students, faculty and staff. However, this goal cannot be achieved on the cheap.

Further, comparing everyday activities where social distancing can easily be maintained, as compared to a classroom with limited space, to justify that school should be in session as normal is insulting. There are multiple factors needing to be dealt with. Schools are currently doing so in order to open effectively and safely.

Steven Heffner