Letters to the editor

I have never been prouder of a Pennsylvania member of Congress than I am of U.S. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey.

As a lifelong Republican (50-plus years), this is the first presidential election in which I voted for a Democratic candidate, Joseph R. Biden. I did this because I did not agree with former President Donald Trump’s character. Not his policies, but his inability for compassion, empathy and truth toward the American people.

I would say to Toomey: Stand tall, with your head held high, knowing that many Republicans stand beside and behind you in support for voting your moral and patriotic duty and putting the Constitution and American people first over a demagogue.

I am sad that I can’t say the same for U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker.

Sen. Toomey, I’m only disappointed that a man as truly great as yourself will not be running again for your Senate seat. Thank you for your service.

Cynthia K. Silfies

East Donegal Township

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