I find liberals to be disingenuous when they claim that they want to take the citizens’ guns because they care so much for people.

Violent gun deaths rank far below other causes of death, such as abortion, and yet the liberals are all for that. Political positioning and divisiveness are all that liberals seem to care about, otherwise they would defend the unborn child.

If they truly cared about people’s safety, they would take cellphones and cars away from people who are causing the horrible accidents that are killing and maiming people daily. Not a word is said about this, yet liberals say they care so much.

What about the “crotch rocket” motorcycles and sports cars that are driven so dangerously fast? They are responsible for so much death and destruction, yet nothing is said by the liberal media.

It is similar to the global warming extremists (former President Barack Obama, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example) who want everybody to do with less while some of them purchase mega beach mansions. They seem to capitalize abundantly from global warming.

LNP, how about showing an accurate graph of the number of deaths from the above-mentioned things? Also, include knives compared to gun violence and show the grossly lopsided coverage that is given.

Rick Richards