I enjoy the LNP letters to the editor for their quantity and their variety. However, two types stand out as needing more selectivity.

The first type comprise those that claim if we just get back to Jesus everything will be wonderful. These writers seem oblivious to the fact that there are about 5 billion people in the world who disagree with some, or much, of their religious belief. Those others are people who are just as confident of their own beliefs as the letter writers, but have a different take on many things.

The second group are those who do not realize how much America is socialistic. They equate socialism with communism, and so are oblivious to things like their highways, food safety and 40-hour work weeks. For example, suppose there was single-payer health care. That does not necessarily mean government-run health care. It simply defines what the public pays for. There will still be supplemental plans offered by insurance. There will still be top-notch medical professionals. And government officials will still have a plan that is 1,000 times better than any of ours. But low-income people will be able to get basic care, will be more productive, and will have more money to put into the general economy.

I’m not saying to stop printing those kind of letters — just be more selective.

Carl Huber

Springettsbury Township,

York County