I read with interest the letter concerning the unsheltered of Lancaster (“Understand, don’t scorn shelterless,” Feb. 11).

I have had the privilege of serving breakfast to the unsheltered of Lancaster city on a regular basis since August 2016 at Anchor Lancaster (formerly Anchorage Breakfast). I have found our unsheltered guests to be polite and grateful for what we do for them at Anchor Lancaster.

The letter writers are correct in that our unsheltered citizens need help. I have found the unsheltered of Lancaster to be strong people. It is a hard life, and one that I would not wish on anyone. Our unsheltered citizens need a helping hand, not one that is pushing them away.

I read a few years ago that if you have a home, food, clothes and money, you are among the 25% of the world’s wealthiest people. So, if you fit in this category, please find a way to help the nonprofit organizations that are helping our unsheltered citizens.

And, when you meet an unsheltered citizen in Lancaster city, please don’t turn away. Look them in the eye and say, “Hello.”

Frances J. Keller, CLM

Pastor, Ross Street United Methodist Church Lancaster

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