As an urban civil rights activist and community leader who witnessed the 1968 riots in New Jersey, I saw how communists and radical socialists tried to infiltrate the struggle for justice in the cities and co-opt honest community leaders. 

I resisted and exposed the “outsiders” who had their hidden agenda to use the just movement for their sinister and anti-American goals

Now, in the riots of 2020, I can identify similar forces using George Floyd’s tragic death to destabilize cities and to bring about chaos in America. Right out of the socialist playbook that calls for exploiting social justice situations, they are, in my view, using anti-facist groups and manipulating Black Lives Matter, all with the support of the leftist media and politicians who are fully behind the transformation of America into a socialist state.

It makes me angry to see a lot of American young people marching in the streets, many of whom have fallen for socialist propaganda and been trained in our universities under socialist professors. These same kinds of socialist exploiters have generated riots in European cities in so-called sympathy with the cause in America. America needs to wake up and pray as sinister forces seek to destroy this nation.

Frank Testa