Letters to the editor

Here are some questions I have had over the past 22 months:

— Why are facts only true if they agree with my political party?

— Is it irresponsible to equate requiring students to wear a mask with abuse?

— If that is abuse, what do you call domestic violence?

— What if we asked ourselves daily, “How can I be a part of the solution rather than the problem?” What would our world be like?

— Are families with yard signs stating “my children, my choice” or “parental choice” also pro-choice? Aren’t both positions expressing concern about the violation of personal rights?

It seems to me that some of us are afraid our rights are being taken away, while others of us are afraid that we are moving toward a society where truth doesn’t hold any weight. Why can I see fear in your position, but am blind to the fear in my own? May God help us to be aware of our mutual fears.

Faithe Oberholtzer

Mount Joy

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