Letters to the editor

I am concerned that the Biden administration will reexamine existing border policy and err in opening the borders to more illegal crossings while America still struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nationally, many schools remain closed for in-person instruction, some businesses are still under COVID-19 restrictions and most restaurants and bars remain under strict guidelines concerning capacity limits — to name just some of the serious issues still facing America.

Yet, incredibly, President Joe Biden wants to dismantle commonsense reforms that have been enacted at the border to curb illegal immigration and to help keep America safe.

Biden promises to reopen schools, but for many it will be only “one day a week.” Meanwhile, his administration is seemingly streamlining immigration reform way before the verdict is in on how America is really dealing with its COVID-19 crisis. Why not concentrate on getting schools fully opened, businesses back to normal and bars and restaurants at full capacity?

In conclusion, one has only to peruse LNP | LancasterOnline to note that there is an army of nincompoops who have been flooding the letters to the editor for the past several months and attacking anyone who dares to issue a warning of sorts about the danger to America from partisan politics!

I will leave it to the readers not to be easily duped by these types of letters. To me, this is not the time to take on more health care risks and costs associated with illegal immigration before other areas of the economy are back to full measure.

John Rineer


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