I am saddened and sorely disappointed by the push by some to impeach Gov. Tom Wolf. When will the petty partisan politics and infantile vindictiveness be set aside in favor of what benefits the state, rather than the party?

This pandemic assailed the world practically overnight and, with little federal leadership, each state had to make decisions on the fly. The decisions made by state officials were neither comfortable nor welcome, but they were necessary for the welfare of the commonwealth. As we now look at the country and see some states that rushed to reopen have a major increase in cases, we see that the decisions made by Gov. Wolf’s administration — while maybe not perfect — have kept Pennsylvania leveling off or even declining with respect to the spread of the coronavirus.

Yes, we have to sacrifice and suffer for the good of the state and nation. The U.S. has had to do this before. We need to come together and put our own needs behind that of the state. Jesus teaches us to put the needs of others ahead of our own. So wear masks, keep distanced and support the efforts being made to keep us safe. The person you keep safe may be your grandmother, parents or children.

Barbara Watts

Manheim Township