Why doesn’t the U.S. Treasury release the stockpile of more than 1 billion in $1 coins? I think they should be put into circulation for several reasons. First, because it’s costing millions of dollars to store and guard the coins that are being held in warehouse vaults. Second, a dollar coin will last 30 years or more, as compared with the paper note, which will last four years at most. Another good reason is they would be much easier to use in vending machines. Anyone who visits a laundromat or car wash would agree.

Furthermore, by releasing the coins the government would realize a net benefit. And the coins are a wonderful way to honor our presidents. The Susan B. Anthony was my favorite. Perhaps the only people against releasing the coins are with the paper industry.

If you would care to see the $1 dollar coin in circulation again, please contact your congressman.

John Haines