On Sept. 9, Manheim Township commissioners heard a presentation from Lancaster Country Day School’s pro bono attorney and comments from attendees regarding a zoning ordinance to prevent billboards picturing guns, or the existence of gun shops, within 1,000 feet of the school (“Critics of gun shop ban speak up,” Sept. 10). This issue is horrifically heartbreaking! The children, the poor children.

My family and friends grew up at Schaeffer Elementary in the 1960s. Back then, the scary issue was nuclear bombs from the communist USSR. We were all 7-10 years old, and we had bomb drills in case of attack. On rainy or cold days, we dove under our desks, drew our feet up and tucked our heads between our knees. On nice days, we assumed the same position, but with our backs against the brick walls.

But, as frightening as this was for adults who knew how entirely ineffective this drill was because we all would’ve been annihilated, children were protected from this fear by our parents and teachers. Bomb drills, to us, were no more scary than fire drills.

Today, however, some adults don’t feel the need to make sure kids’ only worries are schoolwork and playing. Rather, they’re scaring them, using children to push anti-gun agendas, dragging them to situations that only adults can sort out, for the sole purpose of tugging on heartstrings. To these parents, teachers, school administrators, attorneys, etc., I say: Your children won’t be young forever and will one day realize how they were played as political pawns.

Julie Rudisill

Manheim Township