I recently learned that there are plans in progress to erect a 3 million-gallon water tower in the open space currently shared by Lancaster Township Community Park and the proposed sites of a much-needed new Buchanan Elementary School and new Wheatland Middle School. I do not know how many of the other community members who will be directly affected by this are still unaware of this imminent threat. My concerns are many and are shared by those of us who know what’s coming. The rest need to know.

This gargantuan (90-foot-diameter base, 135 feet tall) industrial water tower will loom over a neighborhood and dominate the skyline of a widespread area. The negative impact on property values in Hamilton Park and surrounding communities will likely be substantial. More concerning is the potential physical danger not only to nearby residents, but especially to children and adolescents who will be attending school in the shadow of this toxic monstrosity. The intent to place cell towers on the water tower will expose these students to the probable damaging effects of electromagnetic waves on their growing bodies and developing brains for years — their entire school careers!

Are parents and taxpayers being adequately informed of these real risks to our safety and to our physical and financial health and well-being? I think not.

Elizabeth Kresge Paul

Lancaster Township