Letters to the editor

Attacks on Asian Americans are an example of racism being out of control. The number of hate crimes is a national disgrace and suggests that if you are not white, your life does not matter. This is also white privilege.

I don’t vote Republican for two reasons: because of its whiteness and because I believe the GOP practices what I call dumbing down the level of thought — the philosophical spirit that is essential in democracy.

The admiration of philosophy is not just a liberal thing. It means the love of truth. I was particularly conscious of truth in the Lenten season. Pontius Pilate, a shrewd republican, queried Jesus by asking, “What is truth?”

In my view, the Republican Party is so white it almost seems nondemocratic. I don’t mean all Republicans are delusional; I mean something is diabolically wrong with any civic or national organization that is so white.

Blackness is different, in my opinion. Blackness is not racist; it is not wanting to oppress or eliminate others. Blackness thus captures the philosophic spirit of being human, so I can identify with it better than I can with whiteness, though I am culturally and racially white.

Egon de Uriarte


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