After reading the Aug. 20 article (“Martin School principal expected to be reassigned”) about the transfer of Principal Barbara Andrews to Wheatland Middle School, I was surprised and disappointed.

I am familiar with Superintendent Damaris Rau, having been an administrator in the town next to where Rau previously worked. As an administrator, I find it sad that she would move a beloved principal to another school for her last year. It is a slap in the face and something that should not have been done at such a late, last-minute time.

If Rau had a problem with the principal, it should have been dealt with prior to this. Why embarrass her in front of parents and students? Rau was in different school systems while working in Connecticut. She is aware of the adjustment needed. Why do this now? Administrators and superintendents may have issues — it is not uncommon. However, there are certainly different ways to handle problems. To wait until the days before school starts was simply wrong.

Anita Ruff

East Hempfield Township