I read the Sept. 11 article (“Bagging the bag”) about Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods’ plan to eliminate plastic and paper bags. Very commendable.

I shopped at Stauffers frequently for nine years and always tried to limit the number of plastic bags I was given. I did the same in all stores. It meant I had to be engaged, and I had to engage the bagger. I would say something like, “Just one bag, or just two bags.” On occasion, I remarked they were made from petroleum.

About 18 months ago or so, I ripped an article from your newspaper about how black plastic utensils were much worse for the environment than white ones, and I asked the front desk at Stauffers to send it up to corporate. They were using black utensils at the time, and still do as far as I know. Maybe that is a future change.

However, there might be a law of unintended consequences here. What would I use instead of the 10 plastic bags and three paper bags I use a month? It would defeat the purpose of Stauffers if someone had to buy a package of plastic bags to use for the litter box, etc. I’ve already put bags over my shoes to shovel snow. They come in handy. I think my own idea of limiting the bags I received was a good one, but anything anyone tries to do is welcome.

Mary Robb

Manor Township