Letters to the editor

I know with everything going on in the world, this may seem trivial. The United States Postal Service is really letting me down. I have not had mail picked up, even with my mailbox’s flag raised. I saw the driver go right by without stopping. I called my local post office and was told that they were sorry and would talk to him.

This was after my Comcast bill did not get delivered to Comcast on time. I got a late fee, which was waived. I did not stop payment, which would have cost me.

On Dec. 16, three bills were put out in the mail and as of the writing of this letter on Jan. 4, not one of them has cleared yet. More late fees that I will have to address.

My solution to this is to now pay online, and the Postal Service will now lose more revenue. Where is the accountability?

Wishing all a Happy New Year!

Thomas J. Casey


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