Letters to the editor

I have a question for all the people who are promoting the COVID-19 vaccines. First of all, I am pro-vaccine; I have had my shots and my booster. My question is: Why would anyone of sound mind even think that they will encourage people or promote the virtues of the vaccine by constantly — hundreds of times every day — showing people getting a needle jabbed in their arm?

Do they even know that there are millions of people in the United States with a fear of needles (needle phobia) and that what they are doing to encourage the vaccine process is a deterrent to the cause?

While I was watching TV recently, within a space of 30 seconds they showed six people being stuck in the arm with a needle. In all cases, the syringe was held high in the air for everyone to clearly see — as if we had never seen one before. I think people could logically explain why all those who are eligible would benefit from the vaccine without this constant demonstration.

And I do hope that these same people are not put in charge of promoting the benefits of a colonoscopy or a prostate exam.

Jack E. Detwiler


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