I guess I should consider myself lucky.

I don't know anyone who has contracted COVID-19 and we haven’t been hurt financially.

But the lack of social interaction has been frustrating. No guests have been in our dwelling since early March. We have had trips to Virginia, Ireland, Texas, Canada and the Jersey shore canceled. We’ve only seen our granddaughters twice since February. People say we can do these things next year, but I’m 81 — will I still be able to do them?

Who is to blame? China, for allowing the human-animal contact that likely was the source of the virus; President Donald Trump, for a late response and denial of the seriousness of the situation; and those, especially young people in the South, who are not abiding by masking and social distancing guidelines.

Please, wear a mask and socially distance in public. We’re not going to see an end to this plague until everybody does that.

Turk Pierce

New Holland

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