As a registered Republican, I have never voted a straight ticket in the past 60 years. I can only imagine that the following conversation will play out many times in November 2020, at most Lancaster County polling places:

“Who did you vote for for president?”

“I don’t know, I vote straight Republican.”

“Could you have cast a ballot for Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un or Mickey Mouse?”

“I don’t know, I vote straight Republican.”

“How about for senator or your congressman?”

Same answer.

“How about judges, tax collector or dog catcher?”

Same answer.

Do you see why we have a “stable genius” in the White House and our country is in such sad shape?

Answer: “I vote straight Republican.”

Well, welcome to Lancaster County. Please set your clocks back 200 years.

Maybe, to make people think, just a little, when they go to the polls, why don’t we eliminate the lever that people pull to vote straight party, both Republican and Democrat?

Enough said.

Richard Hibshman

East Hempfield Township