Lancaster city is pretty good when it comes to litter. I wrote “pretty good,” not perfect. I can think of many places around the world that are considerably worse. What this means is that if you, dear reader, pick up a piece of litter whenever you see it, you can make a major difference in the quality of life in our fair city. The difference between one piece of litter on the street and none is, proportionally speaking, infinite.

If more people made a habit of picking up the few remaining pieces of litter, the difference would be profound.

When I walk down the street or in parks and I see a piece of litter, I pick it up and place it in the nearest trash can, using a plastic bag if I have one (then wash my hands when I get home).

So instead of ineffectually complaining about the state of the world, do something concrete to make our city a better place to live. Each individual can make a real difference.

Christopher Brooks


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