It saddened me to see Manheim Township turn blue. Not that there aren’t some good Democrats left. But I feel this election was flipped due to emotion and not a lot of thought.

When Oregon Dairy proposed its development idea, I thought, “Just how much money does one family need?” I was 100% against the plan, as I have to travel Oregon Pike. I feel Albert Kling and David Heck hung themselves on that project. It appeared they weren’t listening to their constituents. Their superb record for years served just didn’t matter.

Now another Republican area has flipped. I do hope it works for the township, but only time can tell.

Even though Kling and Heck can exit with heads held high, the project is moving forward and they are out as commissioners. Wonder how the Oregon Dairy family feels about that. These two fine gentlemen lost their positions; many people in the entire Lancaster area are upset just so the Oregon Dairy family and developers can become richer.

It doesn’t make sense and certainly doesn’t seem fair. I’m an outsider to Manheim Township, but not an outsider to traveling Oregon Pike. But you can’t unring a bell.

I do wish the new commissioners well. I’m praying there are still level-headed Democrats who can save their party.

Bobbi Myers

East Lampeter Township