Thank you, LNP | LancasterOnline Editorial Board, for calling for the immediate removal of President Donald Trump (“Remove Trump,” Jan. 7).

Trump weaponized the power of the presidency in an attempt to overthrow the democracy he swore to uphold, protect and defend. He called upon his deluded followers to walk to the Capitol with “strength” to uphold his position of power. In my view, this is not just sedition, it is actual treason (according to Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, treason includes “levying war against” the United States).

Indeed, Trump is not alone. Those who joined him in weaponizing their offices in an attempt to overthrow the election are equally guilty. Among them are U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker, some of his fellow Republican members of Congress and the state legislators who sought to undermine the truth that our election was fair, accurate and devoid of fraud. All are not just hypocritical, but I believe they prove the lie to their traitorous position by accepting that their own elections were valid.

In my view, this cabal of traitorous Republicans is more guilty of the desecration of our Constitution and our country than the Trumpian henchmen and thugs who invaded our Capitol.

It’s also obvious to me that, had that mob been made up of people of color, the halls of Congress would have been covered in blood. Racism is basic to this act of treason in that the only states whose votes were challenged are those with cities that have large concentrations of Black and Latino people (Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Phoenix).

Immediate impeachment of all of the above is our only remedy.

The Rev. Victor J. Eschbach


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