Letters to the editor

I was a lifelong Republican, but recently I’ve become disenchanted with nonsense and inanity. I changed to commonsense independent. I make political choices based upon the person, facts, history and science — not innuendo, hypocrisy and suspicion!

Per Republican dogma, most regulation is bad and the free market should rule. Every time industry is deregulated, they say, costs are lowered and service improves because of the competition.

To this end, I offer just two words: cable TV!

Now, if we look to other items, the Environmental Protection Agency was created to stop rivers from burning, the Love Canal, contaminants in the Hudson River, the brown haze over cities in summer, etc. It was not some governmental or Democratic ploy.

If the above Republican logic is correct, why not deregulate/privatize fire departments, so that free market competition can improve service? Most of us never use the services, so let people whose stupidity or ineptitude cause fires be the ones who pay. If you need them, trucks will quickly arrive and the fire chief will say they are ready to help — cash, check or credit card?

Our current system is a form of socialism — for the common good.

Finally, President Donald Trump said last month that drug companies’ pricing practices are detrimental to Americans. He said he will do something about it. The reason the rest of the world has lower prices is because of regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. But in the U.S., the free market sets prices. This Trump action is socialist.

Be careful what you wish for. It might come true!

Bill Weiss

Manheim Township

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