Two words are continually being thrown around within the media, as well as within letters to editors and op-eds being read all over the country. Those words are morality and hypocrisy. 

A third word — not often read or heard — is ironic.

How anyone from either party, especially those in a more visible, public eye, can accuse members of the other party of being hypocritical is laughable. Our society is rife with hypocrisy, and all of us suffer from it. The mere accusation of hypocrisy is hypocritical.

Although we would like to think our public officials have a sense of morality, it has no commonality with politics. They are strange bedfellows, as unfaithful to each other as actors in a second-rate movie.

Politics as we know it today is a dirty, filthy business and those thinking otherwise are living a pipe dream. Whoever expects morality to help decide for whom to vote is using a false barometer.

Michael Baley

Mount Joy