Thank you for your editorial last week saying that we need to quit pandering to the National Rifle Association (“NRA lawsuit enabled by bad lawmaking”).  

The NRA and its partners in the gun lobby have declared open season on Pennsylvania towns. Empowered by the late-session (and likely unconstitutional) passage of Act 192, the NRA is suing three cities — Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lancaster, and another gun group out of Texas is suing Harrisburg.

These towns are being sued for monetary damages and lawyers' fees because they have local ordinances like lost or stolen reporting or limits on carrying guns on city property.

The NRA claims the right under Gov. Tom Corbett's misguided law  to sue our towns and cities — a right that doesn't exist for any other type of issue.

Requirements to report lost or stolen guns and rules keeping guns out of our city parks make our communities safer. Why should outside groups and their lawyers get to come in and sue our towns? This is infringement on our freedoms by the NRA, and intrudes on the priority we give to local control.    

Our representatives and senators in Harrisburg  took a vote for the gun lobby and turned their backs on the people who live and work in their districts. It is totally unacceptable  for a nongovernmental special interest group to circumvent state and local governance.

Urbane Peachey


Lancaster Interchurch Peace Witness

Manheim Township

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