Living in south-central Pennsylvania, you may have heard the news that Three Mile Island was decommissioned and closed due to it not being profitable. Now the powerful nuclear industry is lobbying the Pennsylvania Legislature hard for a bailout, saying that TMI is only the beginning of plant closures if the General Assembly does not take action.

Do not let these scare tactics fool you. According to 2018 data from PJM Interconnection’s Independent Market Monitor, nuclear power generators in Pennsylvania were projected to make more than $600 million in profits. One only has to look at their lobby disclosures to see how much money they gave to elected officials over the last couple years to question if they really need a bailout.

I work very hard to live within my budget, and if I do not find a way to make ends meet, I am not getting a handout from the government. Then why do these big corporations feel they deserve one? Ask your legislator to just say no to these government handouts.

Trevor Taylor