I was so happy to see the new citizens who want to be in this great country of ours (“ ‘We are really proud to be Americans,’ ” June 30 Sunday LNP). The world needs good citizens, and I think if other good people see how much people want to be in this great land and work hard, the new citizens will be successful. I don’t care what job they choose to do — they will be successful if they are among people. Success can be measured by having a family, good health and living your life to the fullest. Even when or if your health declines, always remember someone is worse off than you.

Everyone should be proud to call themselves Americans. We take for granted what we have. We are lucky individuals to be able to walk into a grocery store, have religious freedom and more than just change in our pockets. We all have to band together and work to have a good government starting at the top. I hope people are paying attention to who’s running so we all can make a good decision on who will actually lead us in a positive direction, not down a path of “fake news,” tweets, watching TV all day or tanning.

Good citizens are needed to get us through these troubling times.

Denise Clissold