Letters to the editor

It is unfortunate that every American citizen will not have the opportunity to read the column (“It’s not racist to support election integrity laws”) by Kay C. James that was printed in the July 17 LNP | LancasterOnline.

How refreshing it is to hear a voice of reason and honesty on this issue, as opposed to the shrill, alarmist voices of the Biden administration, Democratic politicians and the mainstream media, which I believe inundate us daily with false charges of racism and voter suppression.

These demagogues need to be challenged to show us the names and faces of American citizens who are supposedly being denied the right to vote.

And LNP | LancasterOnline needs to be challenged to give more publicity to the voices of the many Black intellectuals and commentators, such as James, who are standing up and refuting the lies of the Biden administration and its media allies.

It is my opinion that the increasing shrillness and recklessness with which these people are spewing their own “big lie” indicates their fear that the American public, including many Black voters, is on to them.

They are, I believe, panic-stricken about their prospects in 2022. I believe that the old adage “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” — when applied to the promise of the Biden campaign, contrasted with the reality of the Biden administration — will be their downfall.

And their dishonestly titled For the People Act must be understood for what I believe it actually is — the Fear the People Act.

Linford Youndt

Elizabeth Township

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