Letters to the editor

A recent letter writer thanked U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin for his Christmas gift blocking the “massive welfare-without-work and socialist bills” comprising the “Build Back Better” program, which would bring much needed jobs and change to Americans who I believe have suffered decades of income stagnation and inequality at the hands of conservative policymakers (“Thank you, Sen. Manchin,” Dec. 22).

These same conservatives have no compunction about spending twice as much, or about $770 billion per year, for “defense.” Against whom? Which country would attack the United States? Russia, China or North Korea? These people are not stupid. Such an attack would bring total annihilation for the planet. Iran? With what?

Why do we spend taxpayer money to increase a arsenal for destruction many times greater than needed to erase humanity? Do we need all the aircraft carriers, guided missiles, atomic submarines with nuclear warheads, etc.? We have more than enough already. We need more diplomacy, not weapons.

Who is behind this spending and blocking of needed improvements for our country? It’s called the “military-industrial complex,” as named by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1961. I believe this combination of powerful forces has taken over our economy, our national and state governments, and our media — using fearmongering to attain its goal of unchallenged control of our lives.

The United States spends more on “defense” than the next 10 counties combined. This is utter madness, considering what it has done to our national well-being.

Thanks, Sen. Manchin — for nothing!

Charles B. Lane

Lancaster Township

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