As I walked toward the grocery carts at Aldi recently, next to the grocery carts was an Amish lady talking with a gentleman who was returning his grocery cart. He proceeded to pull a pack of face masks out of his pocket and gave one to her. She did not put it on, but proceeded into the store. 

Minutes later, I saw her shopping with no mask. I asked her, “Why are you not wearing your mask?” With a smile she replied, “I don’t think they do any good.” From what I have observed, other Amish individuals seem to have come to the same conclusion.

Here are my questions to those who “don’t think masks do any good” and therefore refuse to wear them:

What expertise do you possess to make this determination? What research have you performed? What is the expertise of your source of information? How many medical professionals support your “masks don’t do any good” position?

Yes, masks are a nuisance, but please weigh a “nuisance” vs. being seriously sick, spreading a serious virus to your family and friends or potentially causing another’s death. Maybe masks do some good; please show you care.

Lois Greene

East Lampeter Township