Letters to the editor

If this is the conservatism that Republicans own, then conservatism is pure chaos. 

Think for a minute. We have a simple custom — the peaceful transition of power to a new administration after an election. President Donald Trump and many Republicans can’t even do that. What can conservative philosophy boast of, if it cannot even conserve the normal traditions of democracy?

Public health is mostly preventive measures; it is very simple. In a restroom, we see a sign that states, “Employees must wash hands.” Today, we can add, “Wear a mask.” But some Republicans can’t even do that. Is it too “liberal” to use personal protective equipment? Too “progressive” to save lives?

Conservatives are supposedly against clogging the courts with frivolous lawsuits. Yet Republicans seem to be stuffing the docket with idiotic claims of election fraud.

The GOP used to honor civic-mindedness. Thousands of volunteers around the country have counted ballots, which minimized the taxpayer expense of pulling off a presidential election in the middle of a pandemic. But hardly a grateful word has come from Republicans. Instead, some accuse these ordinary heroes of falsifying the count.

What chaos will be next? Thanks to COVID-19, there may not enough space in morgues for all the victims of this disease. Some hospitals are piling corpses in trailers until they figure out what to do with them. Of course, don’t ask a Republican politician what to do with the bodies.

Next, perhaps, we’ll hear conservatives accuse people who wash their hands of being too politically correct. Own it — conservatism is chaos.

Egon de Uriarte