After two-plus years in office, President Donald Trump has accomplished what I believe are his administration’s achievements:

Corporate tax rate cut to 21% from 35%; record-high oil production; economic growth in the 3% range; strong job market; manufacturing activity surging; increase in middle-class income; 2 million off food stamps; signing of the Save our Seas Act; executive order aiding in reduction of wildfires; reduced United Nations spending; cut use of government time spent on union work; cut cost on new Air Force One; reduced White House payroll; rolled back bank regulations; cut red tape for infrastructure projects; created a new relationship with China; fighting to end China’s intellectual property theft; imposing tariffs to make China play fair; nominated 146 judges, though only 54% have been confirmed, according to Epoch News, due to cloture vote by opponents in the U.S. Senate.

Also, Trump expanded private care options for veterans; signed the Forever GI Bill; fired, demoted or suspended 4,300 Veterans Affairs employees due to performance issues; took a moral stance against communism and socialism; defended religious freedom; battled the “deep state” in government; destroyed the Islamic State caliphate; ended the Iran nuclear deal; enabled the military to fight back in cyberspace; increased funding for the military; modernized military equipment; changed the military rules of engagement to improve the effectiveness and safety of our military men and women; and confronted human trafficking.

In all these achievements, Trump has been looking out for America’s sovereignty and those things we value the most in our republic as we seek to preserve our freedoms.

Michael D. Spangler

Rapho Township