I have not closely followed the process of Lancaster’s evolving Ewell Plaza project, but the article about the artist and mural definitely caught my attention (“City: Art plan not set in stone,” Nov. 14). First, I wanted more details about the “impassioned debate regarding the art, artists and process.” My next train of thought was: Is a fund for matching City Council members with guide dogs needed? Have they not visited the galleries or noticed the wonderful murals in our city (and county) created by local artists? Have they missed the thriving art community centered in downtown Lancaster?

With so many talented local artists, including several mural artists (not to mention Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and local colleges and universities with strong art programs), why are we supporting a Miami-based company and not our own art community?

Shame on them; this is simply unbelievable. It’s as if going to a “big city” somehow validates the money spent and quality of the artwork. I assure you this is not the case!

Kay Walker

Manor Township