That was a very dramatic and fascinating front-page article in the Sept. 27 newspaper (“Predicted winner: chaos”). LNP has just confirmed what I have been discussing with others; that if President Donald Trump wins the election, there is likely going to be anarchy and rioting on the streets. 

This is not a jab at Trump, but actually a jab at extreme-left Democrats. When the left demonstrates, it sometimes turns to rioting, looting and destruction.

When extreme-right individuals demonstrate, you’ll often see them waving Confederate flags and brandishing rifles. While we all agree there are crazies on the extreme right, they don’t leave, in my view, a path of destruction in their wake.

How interesting that LNP essentially confirmed what we are all thinking: If Biden wins, though there could very well be right-wing protests out on the streets, you likely won’t see looting, destruction and overall anarchy. Only the left seems to want to destroy in order to get its voice heard. And each and every time they destroy, they lose more support.

Edward Williams

East Lampeter Township