When it comes to the choice between candidates to fill the magisterial district judge position for Northeast Lancaster city, voters are fortunate to have two smart and capable candidates to choose from. Yet one stands out. I’ll be voting for Andy Lefever.

The election for district judge will have a huge and lasting impact on my neighborhood and on my neighbors. The Northeast is where I have chosen to raise my children, but this is also an area (like every quadrant of the city) plagued by slumlords who prey upon my neighbors. It is an issue that should alarm every Lancastrian.

I have spoken to both candidates about this issue, and I believe Lefever understands the need for not only fair housing, but safe housing. He will be no friend to scofflaw landlords who care more about profit than people, and he’ll hold their feet to the fire. This is the kind of district judge we need.

As an assistant district attorney, Lefever distinguished himself as an advocate of those in need. He is an individual of integrity and honesty, and he has my vote Nov. 5. I encourage my neighbors to join me in putting Andy Lefever on the bench.

John Spidaliere