Letters to the editor

State Sen. Scott Martin, of Martic Township, and state House Speaker Bryan Cutler, of Peach Bottom, have claimed that the actions of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Department of State alone created confusion for voters, poll workers and county election officials in this year’s election. The Pennsylvania General Assembly is not accountable?

Act 77, last year’s election reform law, passed with holes. A clean bill aimed at allowing mail-in ballots to be prepared for counting three days prior to Election Day never made it. This election’s so-called confusion came from the fact that until mail-in ballots were counted it seemed that Donald Trump was going to win Pennsylvania. Elections officials reported that more registered Democrats had requested mail-in ballots, and so it was clear the count would change once those were counted.

But neither Martin nor Cutler mentions this in their newsletters. Nor do they mention the two cases of actual reported fraud: a Republican who allegedly submitted a ballot for his deceased mother and a Republican father who allegedly attempted to vote in his son’s name.

It makes sense to evaluate the voting process for future elections. It is not necessary before electoral votes are certified.

What I want lawmakers to fix: the redistricting process, the lack of broadband in some areas, the Third Class City Code, K-12 funding. Also, please tell people to wear masks.

What I don’t want: the continued division of your constituents with manipulative narratives to please a subset of your voters.

Amy Ruffo


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