Letters to the editor

I enjoyed Bill Adams’ op-ed in the Dec. 6 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline Perspective section (“The Republican Party still can be trusted in Lancaster County”). Adams also referenced Ann Womble’s Nov. 29 op-ed, “Reflections from a former Republican on the fact-free GOP.”

Adams believes the Republican Party still can be trusted in Lancaster County, but I don’t see it that way.

I see cracks in the local GOP’s 150-year control of municipalities in Lancaster County. For those like me, who believe in the power of competition in the marketplace, competition in the political arena brings the same positive results.

One hundred and fifty years of essentially one-party rule is not the best that we can do! I see my party, the Democratic Party, along with Libertarians and independents, making inroads and bringing their ideas for the betterment of Lancaster County. One hundred and fifty years of one-party rule brings a stale lack of leadership, response and imagination.

Lancaster County is changing and evolving in many ways. I don’t know if the Republican Party can still be trusted in Lancaster County. I do know that Democrats, and others like independents and Libertarians, are now part of the conversation.

Dominic “Nick” Castaldi

Mount Joy

Member, Mount Joy Borough Council

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