Kudos to Alisa Jones and the Lancaster Health Center (“Battling COVID-19 requires testing and contact tracing,” April 19 op-ed).

This center must be the closest thing we have to a health department in Lancaster County. Jones says the center started COVID-19 testing “early on.” She did not complain about a lack of test kits!

She did not mention a lack of lab support for the COVID-19 tests. She did not mention the long turnaround time for test results.

She did say that her staff members are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention testing guidelines.

Lancaster Health Center is serving 22,000 patients out of a population of more than 500,000 or about 4%. It has tested 342 patients.

The amazing thing is that Lancaster Health Center is doing contact tracing that is necessary both now and when our economy opens up. I also know of one retirement community in the county that is also doing contact tracing. I think we are going to need some sort of coordination among contact tracers who are doing this work all over the county.

If there are organizations out there that can do contact tracing, please get started. Maybe the county’s emergency management operation can coordinate the tracing that is needed.

Steve Franz

Upper Leacock Township

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