In recent years, we have been bombarded with the politically charged labels “conservative” and “liberal.” These labels have focused on the extremes, especially related to each political party, and the news media have generally espoused these extremes as normal in society. What is missing in the dialogue is the presence of a more moderate definition.

In reading the June 27 commentary by Kathleen Parker (“Why millennials might be conservatives at heart”), I believe she has defined very well what actually exists in American society. She points out that there are many norms in human thinking.

My position is that most moderate, independent thinkers identify with both labels. We are not at the extremes!

We are conservative (lower case “c”) in our views of financial soundness, family and religious values, and the way in which we conduct our daily lives.

We are liberal (lower case “l”) in our personal views of, and society’s responsibilities to, our fellow humans who are in need because of poverty, ethnicity, physical disability or other issues.

Although the major political partisans receive all the press, people with more moderate mentalities are actually in the majority and are responsible for a semblance of stability in our American society.

It is time that we pay more attention to the views of average citizens and ignore the pontifications of the extremists in our midst.

Dick Regensburger

West Hempfield Township