Letters to the editor

My daughter and I attended the Millersville University homecoming football game on Oct. 16 and were aware of the threat of storms. When the rain came, we shared her umbrella. Suddenly, someone behind us kindly passed his umbrella to us, so I used it. When the rain increased, I said “Let’s go,” because I was already soaked.

We stood up, but I felt helpless because, even though I had my cane, I couldn’t hang on to my daughter because she had too much to carry. Then, I felt the strongest grip ever grasp onto my hand. I think it was the man who gave us the umbrella, and he said, “I will help you go down.’’ And he did — down two flights of stairs. He was right beside me all the way, even though I went backwards for fear of falling.

That kind gesture was one of the nicest ones I have ever received. I think the gentleman’s name was Clyde. I found out at the next football game.

My other thank you goes to another Clyde, one who works at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods. He is one of the employees who takes good care of the carts, among other duties, as I discovered. Clyde found my wallet when all hope was gone. I will be forever grateful.

Thank you also to the women there, especially the one at customer services who helped in the hunt. Mr. Shenk, the manager, has super-great employees.

Josephine Bohr

Manor Township

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